Pedestrian Flow is Crucial to Your Environment. Learn Why!

Production Modeling Corporation, an official partner of AnyLogic North America, invite you to an upcoming webinar, “Pedestrian Flow is Crucial to Your Environment. Learn Why!”

Wednesday, September 21, 2016, at 11:00 am ET

The webinar will help you plan and verify your facilities’ strategy using AnyLogic’s pedestrian library. Answering questions such as:

  1. Does your facility (arena, hall, mall, stadium, store, cruise ship, etc.) have enough entrances, regular and emergency exits, stairs, escalators, elevators, bathrooms, etc. to prevent overcrowding?
  2. Can people evacuate in time during an emergency to prevent injuries or fatalities?
  3. Are your service areas convenient and functional?

Pedestrian traffic simulation software lets you model the flow of people through your facility during normal, peak, and emergency evacuation conditions. It is a valuable tool to know where people are in your existing space for security reasons and to predict pedestrian flow in various situations.

Join our Webinar to learn why pedestrian flow is crucial to your environment!