Paradigm-Free Modeling

Are you just becoming familiar with Multimethod or Hybrid Modeling? A long-time AnyLogic software modeler, Dr. Benjamin Schumann from decisionLab would like to introduce you to the notion of “paradigm-free modeling”; modeling without the limitations of a specific language such as DE, SD or AB. Dr. Schumann elaborated on this concept in a recent blog post where he discussed the future of modeling, suggesting a new mentality is required for simulation modeling to become truly mainstream.

Dr. Schumann came across the idea of paradigm-free modeling through Stefan Bengtsson, a very experienced modeler from Sweden who has represented multiple commercial and academic organizations. Some examples of his work: System Thinking and Simulation Presentation , Modeling Applications in Healthcare Video. Bengtsson advocates that problem formation should drive your modeling, striving to closely represent the system under analysis. The simulation modeler of the future should not consider the boundaries of paradigms, but only focus on building the best model of the system.

Could a shift in approach to simulation modeling allow it to become a mainstream problem-solving method? Read the full article here and share your thoughts.