New Book on Supply Chain Management Is Now Available

For those interested in supply chain and operations management, we recommend a new book – "Global Supply Chain and Operations Management: A Decision-Oriented Introduction to the Creation of Value". The co-author, Dmitry Ivanov, is a professor for International Supply Chain Management at Berlin School of Economics and Law. He is also an author and co-author of 250 publications. You can download one of his books on decision-making in supply chain and manufacturing with AnyLogic optimization and simulation software on our website.

The new book is aimed mainly at students and academics, but it might definitely interest those who work in logistics and operations management. This book presents global supply chain and operations management from a comprehensive perspective, focusing on the operational roles in the networks and presenting the quantitative and organizational methods needed to plan and control the material, information and financial flows in the supply chain. Bridging theory and practice, authors illustrate how to implement AnyLogic for simulation modeling in different fields of supply chain and operations management with the help various cases. The book also explains how to match supply and demand and allocate the resources for fulfilling customer demands.

To assist the readers, the book is accompanied by electronic materials on the website, where one may find the chapters not included in the book, as well as links to complementary materials for further learning. The website provides cases on simulation modeling and supply chain optimization with AnyLogic and anyLogistix software tools.

The book is available on publisher's website. To reproduce the cases from the book, we’d recommend to download free version of AnyLogic.

Pr. Dmitry Ivanov, the co-author of the book, will be participating in anyLogistix European day, where you can learn more about anyLogistix – multimethod software for supply chain optimization, network design, and analysis. To take part in the event, register on our website.