New AnyLogic Help

If you have been as eagle-eyed as Dr. Benjamin Schumann, you will have noticed a new look to the AnyLogic Help pages.

Benjamin Schumann's LinkedIn post about the new AnyLogic Help site

Yes, the soft roll-out did not go unnoticed for long! Not only is there a new look and modern feel to the help site, it is also redesigned with new features and functionality to help you answer your AnyLogic queries more comfortably and easily.

Along with the fresh look comes customization. In the top-right of your browser window, you will find two toggles – one to toggle dark mode and the other to cycle through font sizes.

Let's take a look

First, the crescent moon: If you are in the default light mode, clicking the moon will take you to dark mode. This mode is easier on the eyes when working in a dark environment and perhaps a good choice for when inspiration strikes late at night. One other benefit of dark mode presents itself in the form of energy-saving. For people viewing on modern OLED screens, or even CRT screens (Is anyone still using them?), less power is needed when displaying dark images.

Dark mode
Let there be light… mode – to return from the dark side, just click the sunshine.

The second toggle is for text customization. Next to the crescent moon, or sunshine in dark mode, you will see two different-sized A characters. Clicking them cycles through increasingly larger font sizes until you are returned to the original size. Here it is in action:

Text size adjustment

A more subtle change comes in the form of progress checks. The progress check functionality lets you tick, or check, off stages in a tutorial as you complete them. Now you can return to a tutorial and pick up where you left off! …and you must check them all, right?! Time to check out the tutorials and complete them all!

Check points

Did you know the new format is also available for anyLogistix supply chain software? Here it is – anyLogistix Help. Have you tried out either of the new help sites? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Of course, there is the AnyLogic community on Stack Overflow with lots of advice and tips and tricks (just don’t forget to formulate your question well!) but now, with all these improvements and features, you have a new reason to dive into the depth of knowledge contained within AnyLogic Help!

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