More new Big Book of Simulation Modeling

The new Big Book of Simulation modelling with AnyLogic

In this blog, three more chapters for the new Big Book of Simulation Modeling: Multimethod Modeling with AnyLogic 8. This book is the key text for learning AnyLogic and is valuable for both beginners and professionals in simulation modeling.

The book details the three main approaches to simulation modeling: agent-based, system-dynamics, and discrete-event. With the help of simple examples, learn how to combine the three modeling techniques in one model. The results demonstrating why the multi-method simulation approach is used to solve complex business problems.

This is the second release of chapters for the new book; you can find the three previous chapters in our earlier blog.

The new chapters

The first updated chapter in this blog is about the three main approaches to modeling. The second chapter is devoted to creating interactive models and their controls. The third chapter is about virtual and real-time model operation.

Three approaches to simulation modeling

System dynamics is used to solve strategic level tasks. Discrete event models are used mainly at the operational and tactical levels. Agent-based modeling allows you to simulate the properties of individual components in a system. In this chapter, we detail each approach. [Download]

Designing interactive models

To make the process of working with a model more convenient and easier for end users, developers can add familiar controls to the interface and make it more interactive. This chapter shows how to create such elements and suggests when they can be useful. [Download]

Virtual and real time

AnyLogic models can work in virtual or real time. In the first case, they run as fast as possible, without reference to physical time. In the real time mode, the number of model time units executed per second is set. In this chapter, we describe how to set these modes, as well as timeouts, delays, and the initial and final simulation times. [Download]

More chapters coming soon. Sign up for the AnyLogic Newsletter.Meanwhile, if you wish to learn more, check out the other AnyLogic books or learn from the AnyLogic how-to video series.

About the authors

Andrei Borshchev

Dr. Andrei Borshchev is the CEO and co-founder of The AnyLogic Company, a leading provider of dynamic simulation tools, technologies, and consulting services for business applications, and is personally recognized as one of the world’s top experts in agent-based and multi-method simulation modeling.

Ilya Grigoryev

Ilya Grigoryev is Head of Training Services at The AnyLogic Company. He is the author of AnyLogic documentation and AnyLogic training courses. He has given numerous public training sessions in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia. Ilya Grigoryev has been a simulation consultant to several organizations.

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