How-To Videos: The Optimization Experiment and Custom Probability Distribution

We are always adding how-to videos to our YouTube channel. They can help you learn about AnyLogic, build complex models, and conduct experiments. These videos below are two of our most popular ones on the channel: with over 34,000 views already.

AnyLogic Optimization Experiment

Optimization allows you to find model parameter values that give the best performance for the system you are simulating. In this video, you'll learn how to configure and run an optimization experiment using the Oil Terminal model as an example.

More about the Optimization Experiment – in the documentation.

AnyLogic supports several types of experiments for different simulation tasks. Learn how to a perform parameter variation, sensitivity analysis or even reinforcement learning experiment. Experiment types in AnyLogic →

Custom Probability Distributions

In AnyLogic you'll find a set of probability distribution functions to model non-deterministic processes, like weather changes, product demand changes, or any other randomness. The software supports different distribution types: uniform, triangular, exponential, and more.

But what if none of the pre-set functions fits your project? In this case, you can create your own custom (empirical) distribution and use it in your model.

Upload a data set to AnyLogic and it will calculate and graphically show the distribution. See how in the video below.

More about custom probability distributions – in the documentation.

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