How-to video: Creating concise process flowcharts

Nightmare model logic can affect anyone at some point. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to. There is an elegant solution; a solution that long-time users may find even simpler than before. This video shows how to make your process flow charts simple and clear. For a deeper dive into process-centric modeling, get Dr. Arash Mahdavi's book: The art of process-centric modeling.

If you are familiar with process flows that look like the examples given at the beginning of the video, you’ll benefit from this how-to. Even if you have yet to lose yourself reading model logic, you can ensure you won’t by applying this simple and elegant solution to complex process flows.

Follow the video and learn how to create custom blocks. These not only help clarify model logic but can also help speed up the modeling process.

How to make your process flowcharts simple and clear by creating reusable custom blocks of logic. Youku version.

The video uses a wholesale warehouse example model that you can find in the AnyLogic Supply Chain and Logistics example models, or for download from the AnyLogic Cloud. Further guidance on creating custom blocks is available in the AnyLogic help documentation.

After some examples of complex model logic, the video introduces the custom block. These allow process logic to be grouped together, simplifying the look of a model and enabling easy re-usability of the grouped blocks.

Try out custom process blocks in the demo model or in your models, how useful are they? Let us know in the comments below and also what else could be useful for your simulation modeling! If you are ready to move on to the next how-to, check out the how-to playlist. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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