How Simulating Hospital Systems May Improve Care

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is well known as one the best places in the world for a child to come and get medical care. Less known, is the behind-the-scenes work of Dr. T. Eugene Day, Program Manager for Health Systems in the Office of Safety and Medical Operations to improve quality, safety, and overall patient care.

Like many hospitals, CHOP is met with a multitude of challenges beyond the daily task of performing life-saving procedures and providing care for patients. Dr. Day utilizes simulation modeling with AnyLogic software to identify opportunities and aid planning for systemic improvements versus typical approaches.

A recent project revealed how simulation was used to mitigate the disruption of service during a planned renovation and was published in The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety with astonishing results.

Dr. Day was also showcased in Cornerstone, an online news source for the innovative and groundbreaking studies carried out by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute. The article provides an overview of the processes involved in a complex modeling and simulation project at the Institute from data collection and model calibration to results and implementation.

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