Full Screencast Available: Healthcare Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training

We have a new video available on our website. It is complete screencast of Healthcare Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training that took place in Sydney this February. The instructors were Nathaniel Osgood (University of Saskatchewan), Geoff McDonnell (University of New South Wales, Australia), and Andrei Borshchev (CEO at the AnyLogic Company).

The target audience of the event was skilled simulation specialists who wanted to improve their knowledge of simulation modeling methods and see some examples of their use. The program was dedicated to an in-depth overview of various methods in dynamic modeling, e.g. Agent Based Modeling, Discrete Event Modeling and System Dynamics. The workshop also included tutorials aimed at advancing participants’ modeling skills. The program involved AnyLogic application case studies which comprise examples from different fields, but mostly from the field of healthcare.

The videos can be found in the Education Videos section. You can also find there some of the presentations performed at the workshop in PDF.

And of course, all the videos available on our website are free.