From good to great: a masterclass in AnyLogic modeling

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How to go from a good to great AnyLogic simulation modeler was the focus of a masterclass workshop from Dr. Benjamin Schumann. Given at AnyLogic’s global conference and now shared online, the workshop is an up-to-date guide, for all skill levels, on how to level up and practice advanced simulation modeling.

There are already many resources for learning AnyLogic, such as courses, videos, books, and a new online help, even a collection for those just starting out and curious about how to become a simulation modeler, they are core to the AnyLogic learning experience. The difference offered by the masterclass is how it expands on the core simulation modelling skillset. The learning space is widened to include extra skills that ease model development and improve project results.

Over the course of sixty minutes, Ben focuses on four key topics that can help improve simulation projects and model development. Each topic is illustrated with an example and draws on his professional experiences. The result is a masterclass of concepts, philosophies and approaches that provide the foundations for a successful simulation project.

The main content of the masterclass workshop focuses on four key topics:

  • Purpose — what is the reason for creating a model, what problem does it solve? Avoid scope creep, work to fulfil the purpose, and keep checking that is what you are doing. Featuring the Wealth Gap Challenge AnyLogic Cloud model.
  • Approach — what processes to follow when building the model? Start simple and scale, iterate, add features, and test. Featuring the cloud model Facility operations with COVID-19.
  • Structure — embrace the object-oriented approach to model building, hierarchies and embedded agents, be cautious with inheritance, and minimize but accept refactoring.
  • Collaboration — for small-scale to large-scale, what approaches to collaboration work? Including working with GitHub and concepts and best practices for avoiding conflicts, including SOLID principles.

Watch From good to great: a masterclass in AnyLogic modeling and take a deep dive into better simulation modeling practices.

From good to great: a masterclass in AnyLogic modeling

Dr. Benjamin Schumann is a simulation modeling expert with over a decade of experience working with industry leaders. Formerly of decisionLab and McKinsey, Ben now runs his own simulation innovation consultancy.

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