Forecast Transportation Scenarios and Evaluate Alternative Solutions with ATOM

Many companies operating large transportation fleets manage logistics with the help of master planning software, such as Oracle SNO, i2, iLog. These linear programming instruments are important, but not enough for successful transportation management and strategy.

ATOM’s distinctive feature is the use of simulation models to reproduce the behavior of a real system. The simulation model includes specific characteristics, limitations, and uncertainty, then in addition, captures unexpected dynamics, unlike typical mathematical models.

The input data for ATOM is a master plan containing information about carriages (what to carry, where to carry, and by which means of transportation). Demand forecast for each item through the external software in your company’s IT system formulates the master plan. ATOM creates a transportation plan for a particular period of time (a week, month, year), then allows on-the-go micromanagement of the logistics, considering the real time data imported from your company’s IT system. See how a largeEuropean Beer Manufacturer utilized ATOM for logistics decision support and other success stories at

State-of-the-art optimization algorithms, “what-if” analysis and operational risk management, coupled with AnyLogic’s impeccable reputation amongst Fortune 500 companies in over 64 countries will guarantee your organization success. Find out more about ATOM and what the world leader in simulation modeling and optimization can do for your logistics network, the AnyLogic team is here to help.