Embedding model animations: a short tutorial

The latest AnyLogic Cloud update enables you to embed 2D and 3D model animation in HTML: web sites, applications, and electronic documents. The embedded model window retains the main functions of the desktop version, allowing you to change the speed of the model, watch 2D animation and navigate through 3D scenes.

To embed an animation window, find a model in the AnyLogic Cloud, or upload a new one. Then, on the model preview screen, click the < > button, copy the HTML code from the pop-up window and paste it where you need. Here's a short guide and an example.

Embedding model animations: a short tutorial

Top tip: you can embed public models in HTML, even if you are not registered on AnyLogic Cloud.

⚡ Have a go, and let us know how you get along! Post your links below!

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