Creating a Personalized Experience at Athens’ Benaki Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibit

The setup, or staging of an art exhibition requires significant time, collaboration, and conceptualization. The Ametria project completed by Luigi Manca and Roberto Grugni, Partners at Fair Dynamics Consulting in Milan, Italy deals with the staging of a contemporary art exhibition held at the Athens’ Benaki Museum. The general purpose of the exhibition was to set-up something original and astonishing, a maze-like area able to affect visitor’s mood, steering their feelings to create an entirely personal experience.

To achieve this goal, the architectural firm involved in the design of the gallery layout decided to draw upon a simulation approach allowing them to test different configurations, find artworks’ best locations, and organize the entrance/exit schedule. The Partners at Fair Dynamics chose AnyLogic software not only to recreate the gallery environment, but also to test the behavior of visitors when reacting to external stirrings.

See the model in action during Luigi and Roberto’s presentation from the AnyLogic Conference 2015 or read the case study and find out how agent-based modeling with AnyLogic software not only helped relocate the paintings and showcase the exhibition layout, but also provided detailed statistics for each agent/group of agents.