Best Practices in AnyLogic – whatever your level!

Benjamin Schumann

Benjamin Schumann is an experienced AnyLogic practitioner, with many years of experience simulating business problems. At the AnyLogic Conference he shared his best practices. Built on almost ten years of commercial and academic simulation modeling with AnyLogic, the presentation is specially designed to provide invaluable information for beginners, advanced users, and experts.

In the video you will find four sections, all containing screen shots and thoughtful illustrations. The first section is devoted to AnyLogic beginners (5m 11s), people who Benjamin describes as being in their first eight weeks of simulation modeling with the software. The best practices help form good habits and smooth the learning process.

Advanced (20m 16s) users, or those who are familiar with the software and its in-and-outs, can find advice and audience opinion on practices that help both large and team model development. If you have an opinion, write it in the comments below!

The final targeted section provides expert, or ‘crack’ (35m 54s), users with insight on message passing, the value of presentation, and also a sanity saving database tip.

The video finishes with some philosophical musings (45m 40s). These are development questions with unclear answers and Benjamin draws on the input of the audience who provide valuable insight and a balance of advice.

AnyLogic Best Practices by Benjamin Schumann

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⭐ You can find more thoughts and insights into simulation modeling on the Sim Talk podcast that Benjamin co-hosts, as well as on his website and blog. In case you missed it, our own CEO, Andrei Borshchev, was recently interviewed on Sim Talk.

❔ Have you any philosophical musings on AnyLogic simulation modeling, or maybe you can answer some of Benjamin’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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