anyLogistix Version 2.0, Released!

anyLogistix Version 2.0, Released!

We have released the second version of anyLogistix - a new tool for optimizing supply chains and logistics networks.

What is anyLogistix?

anyLogistix (ALX) - the only multimethod software for supply chain optimization. ALX combines traditional analytical methods of optimization and innovative simulation technology. The combination of different technologies allows you to model and analyze the supply chain, at any level of detail, therefore, finding more effective ways to improve.

Who is anyLogistix made for?

Companies with large and complex supply chains (i.e. manufacturers, distributors, retailers and logistics providers) can take advantage of anyLogistix. Implementation of ALX is carried out by our partners,consulting companies. ALX does not require users to have programming or IT experience and is appropriate for all supply chain management individuals or teams.

What challenges does anyLogistix solve?

To name a few:

  • Optimize network
  • Change the structure of the supply chain (open/close/change components)
  • Analyze sourcing and inventory policies
  • Measure the impact a new product/BOM introduction
  • Reduce the cost of transportation
  • Optimize product flows
  • Minimize risks
  • Analyze real site capacity (not only flows or throughput)
  • Do detailed supply chain budgeting
  • Manage inorganic growth (mergers and acquisitions)

Why is anyLogistix superior to other tools?

Many supply chain optimization tools claim to have simulation technology when truly their capabilities halt at analytical methods. Only anyLogistix includes both analytics and simulation to solve your challenges and give you the benefits of both. It allows you to build a truly accurate model of the supply chain with any degree of detail.

Check out or request an online video demonstration to learn more about anyLogistix.

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