AnyLogic User Group Session follow-up

The recent AnyLogic User Group Session brought together simulation specialists and AnyLogic developers for presentations and discussion.

Presentations for AnyLogic 8, AnyLogic 9, AnyLogic Cloud, and Machine Learning (ML) included live demonstrations and were each followed with in-depth live questions and answers.

AnyLogic 8

AnyLogic Libraries Product Owner Anastasia Zhiliaeva

AnyLogic Libraries Product Owner Anastasia Zhiliaeva presented recent feature highlights in AnyLogic 8 and detailed the product roadmap as we begin 2022. The presentation includes demonstrations of the remastered storage features and changes that make AGVs easier to use in storage facilities.

Before the related Q&A session, Anastasia also provided a preview of upcoming features, such as reversible conveyors and pedestrian elevators.

To learn more, jump straight to the AnyLogic 8 presentation recording.

AnyLogic 9

AnyLogic 9 Product Owner Yulia Tropina

AnyLogic 9 is available for free to all AnyLogic Public Cloud subscribers until September for testing and feedback.

Yulia Tropina, AnyLogic 9 Product Owner, gave updates on the progress of AnyLogic 9 since the AnyLogic Conference in September 2021 and demonstrated model building in the new simulation modeling environment.

The product roadmap details what to expect in the near term and further into the first half of 2022, including library integrations and a project view redesign. In-depth questions and answers conclude the presentation.

Discover more about AnyLogic 9 and see it in action.

AnyLogic Cloud

AnyLogic Cloud Product Owner Gregory Monakhov

AnyLogic Cloud Product Owner Gregory Monakhov provides live demonstrations of the features recently added to the online simulation platform, including file output and user interface updates.

Other new features detailed in the presentation include internationalization, enterprise authentication with Active Directory or LDAP, and upcoming research and development around data storage. Again, the presentation is followed by in-depth questions and answers.

Jump to the AnyLogic Cloud presentation.

Embedding trained Machine Learning models into AnyLogic models

AnyLogic AI & Simulation Program Manager Dr. Arash Mahdavi

Dr. Arash Mahdavi, AnyLogic AI & Simulation Program Manager, dives into how to embed trained ML models into AnyLogic simulation models, giving six user cases and a new example workflow.

The presentation explores each of the six user cases, including how simulation models can function as a broad testbed environment for uncovering systemic risks that more simple testing may not uncover.

The presentation also covers different methods for using artificial intelligence technologies in AnyLogic, such as Microsoft Bonsai, ALPyne, Pypeline, and a new possibility with ONNX open neural network exchange [presentation demo].

Dive into the presentation and follow-up questions and answers.

AnyLogic User Group Session

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