AnyLogic training sessions: facts, figures and faces

How to learn multi-paradigm modeling? “In AnyLogic training classes!” is an answer from 200 simulation practitioners who chose our courses in the year 2012. For the past months AnyLogic team delivered trainings to twelve cities in USA, France, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Russia, India and China.

We are most proud of our students. The 2012 AnyLogic classes brought together researchers, consultants, academics from 48 organizations. PWC Consulting, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, The United States Military Academy, Toyota, Keio University, BHP Billiton, GE, IBM to name a few. That’s how they replied to the question why to attend AnyLogic training course:

• It’s clearly the easiest way to overcome the learning curve stage of working with new software
• It’s designed for unskilled modelers and practitioners experienced in just one particular simulation approach.
• It gives a tour through three modeling approaches: Agent based, Discrete Event (Process-Centric), System dynamics.
• It shows how you can combine the approaches within one model to better describe the system or process
• It’s based on use case models from different application areas. During the fundamentals course we simulate factory, supply chain, consumer market. Attendees of “in depth” course also build airport, equipment maintenance and railroad crossing models.

Start the year with the AnyLogic training! You are welcome to register to the upcoming courses.