AnyLogic Training in the UK

Collaboration between AnyLogic and leading manufacturing innovation institute HSSMI is developing at a fast pace. On August 24, 2017, the Virtual Engineering (VE) Team at HSSMI received training on multi-method simulation modelling in an AnyLogic environment. This was delivered by dseConsulting, long-term AnyLogic distributor and service provider in the UK.

The VE team have learnt the AnyLogic modelling functionality to implement their projects in capacity planning, material flow, and process simulation. Another part of the training was dedicated to Agent Based modelling applied to simulate for instance, a decentralized, individual-centric environment of automotive market, made of customers, products, and supply chains with various sales, marketing and production strategies. The main goal of the institute is to use AnyLogic technologies to address ambitions of their global customers to build new line concepts, use intelligence to optimize them, run simulation in parallel with the actual line for continuous optimization in the form of Digital Twin.

HSSMI is an independent institute that collaborates with manufactures, solution providers and academic institutes to deploy innovative technologies tools and methods to support manufacturing sector. Their strategic members and innovation partners include Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK, The London Electric Vehicle Company, CNH Industrial and others.

dseConsulting is an independent company specialising in business analytics and Operations Research offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in Agent Based Modelling and Simulation and in using AnyLogic. Long term, AnyLogic distributor and training provider, dseConsulting, will not only deliver training to various HSSMI departments but also will present AnyLogic technologies and case-studies at series of events organized by EU manufacturing society. The full list of events to meet dseConsulting representatives can be found on In addition to the custom training courses, dseConsulting also organises public AnyLogic training courses that cover main simulation modelling methods and techniques. The training calendar is also available on the company's website.

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