AnyLogic North America Attends INFORMS – San Antonio

AnyLogic North America recently exhibited at the very well attended INFORMS show in San Antonio, TX. It was a pleasant surprise to see the mix of Academics and Business attendees as well as the diverse tracks INFORMS provided to appease their quest for knowledge.

While many folks who already knew of AnyLogic stopped by our booth to say “hi” or challenge Scott Hebert (our North American Technical Consultant) on best practices; see picture, there were many professionals who are currently experiencing true business challenges and were looking to AnyLogic to help them solve their problems.

We heard two very clear messages from the attendees at the conference: no other simulation software company has better technology that “really works” and AnyLogic is the lowest risk. When customers visiting our booth are selling AnyLogic to other prospects at the booth, it sure does make attending the conference a great success.