AnyLogic From 6 to 7: Transition Training VIDEO!

Upon release of our newest version, AnyLogic 7, Ilya Grigoryev, Head of Training at The AnyLogic Company hosted multiple international Transition Training courses. This course includes an overview of new features such as usability improvements, new process modeling library, increased support for agent based modeling and enhanced pedestrian library. The overview including product demonstrations are now available on our YouTube Channel. The Transition Training Course Video is a must see for anyone looking for a smooth transition to the AnyLogic 7 software. 100% of attendees recommend this course to others, siting the most valuable aspects...

"The Transition Course covered all the changes, from small to large"

"General guidance on the layout of AnyLogic 7 graphical user interface"

"The updates to AnyLogic and the delivery of the content exceeded my expectations. Great job The AnyLogic Company!" Amy Greer, Mosimtec

View From 6 to 7: The Transition Training Course today!

AnyLogic From 6 to 7: Transition Training VIDEO!

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