AnyLogic Attends TransRussia 2013

The AnyLogic Company participated in TransRussia 2013, an international logistics tradeshow, which took place from April 23-26 in Moscow, Russia. This was the 18th year that TransRussia was held. More than 500 companies from 27 countries took part in the tradeshow, including The AnyLogic Company, which hosted a booth and organized several presentations.

The visitors at the AnyLogic booth learned about the newest multimethod modeling technologies and saw real-life models from logistics, supply chains, cargo transportation, and container terminal management. They received complete information on the advantages of AnyLogic simulation software, opportunities to model and implement the processes, and consulting services offered by the company.

AnyLogic team members held presentations on multimethod modeling applications for warehouse optimization, transportation, supply chain, sea port, and container terminal management. The success of these presentations was evidence of the growing demand for simulation modeling in logistics industries worldwide.