AnyLogic 8.5.2

We’ve updated AnyLogic to version 8.5.2. Here are the important changes since 8.5, including expanded transporter capabilities and new elements in the libraries. Read on and find out more.

Overhead cranes

The Material Handling Library develops further with each release. This time we’ve added another type of crane - the Overhead Crane. In the properties, you can choose the type (gantry or bridge) and the number of girders on the crane (single or double girder); the appearance of the crane depends on these properties.

Like the jib crane that appeared in AnyLogic 8.4, the bridge is controlled by the MoveByCrane unit. Here you can set the acceleration and deceleration, for example, depending on the load of the crane.

Mobile robots (AGVs)

Path-guided transporters are now smarter. They can recalculate their route if their destination is changed and calculate distances to other transporters, including across intersections. Also, they can reduce their speed when navigating curved paths, or when approaching other transporters. Should two transporters meet while traveling, they can incur a time penalty to simulate collision resolution. This is now possible on paths and not just at intersections as before.

For all types of transporter robots, we've introduced the getDistanceTravelled() function. This helps to calculate the distance traveled by the transporter.

Objects that use robots to move can now select from either the nearest transporter or the one with the shortest route (taking into account obstacles, such as walls, equipment, or conveyors). You can set this selection policy in the SeizeTransporter block.

Maintenance Simulation

The idling of equipment is now easier to simulate. For example, the idling caused by maintenance or malfunctioning. In the Task property of the Downtime block, you can configure this process by specifying delay start time:

  • after a specified time in the system (all the time an object has existed)
  • after a specified time in use (such as a machine component wearing out)
  • after a certain number of work cycles

You can check out his new functionality in the new example model: Maintenance of a Coffee Machine. It simulates the processes involved in the operation and maintenance of a coffee machine. Run the model in the new AnyLogic version and experiment with the properties of the Downtime block.

This version also includes updates to the AnyLogic road, pedestrian and railway libraries, and improves the functioning of the Fluid Library. See change history.

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