AnyLogic 7.3 Released!

AnyLogic 7.3 Released!

The main new feature added is the Road Traffic Library.

The Road Traffic Library allows you to simulate vehicle traffic on roads. The library supports detailed physical level modeling of vehicle movement. Each vehicle represents an agent that can have its behavioral patterns inside. The library allows the users to simulate:

  • Vehicle movement on roads, taking into account driving regulations.
  • Traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and priorities at junctions.
  • Parking lots and parking by the road side.
  • Public transport movements.

The Road Traffic library is suitable for modeling highway traffic, street traffic, on-site transportation at manufacturing sites, or any other systems with vehicles, roads, and lanes. A special traffic density tool allows you to analyze road network load.

Also, users now have the ability to load data for schedule, table function and custom distribution from the database.

In addition to the entirely new Road Traffic library, we added more blocks to the Fluid Library (FluidPickup, FluidDropoff, MixTank and ProcessTank) and radically improved the library engine so that the execution speed stays high even for vast and dynamically reconfigured networks. The fluid library blocks now collect statistics on stored amounts and flow rates and move it to the built-in database. Improvements also include custom reaction on rate changes, extended API, and better animation. Check out the new example models: City Square, Roundabout, Traffic Light Phases Optimization, Chocolate Production, and Crude Oil Pipeline Network.

We encourage you to send us your feedback and questions.


AnyLogic 7.3 Released!

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