AnyLogic 7.3.1 Released

Consistent with our usual practice, shortly after releasing 7.3, we have released 7.3.1, a cleaner version with bug fixes and small improvements. Our goal is to make the process of upgrading to the newest version as seamless as possible and to remove any possible barriers. If you haven't yet, proceed in downloading 7.3.1.

The Road Traffic library is the main feature of the latest major release. In 7.3 we also added more blocks to the Fluid Library (FluidPickup, FluidDropoff, MixTank and ProcessTank) and radically improved the library engine so that the execution speed stays high even for vast and dynamically reconfigured networks. The fluid library blocks now collect statistics on stored amounts and flow rates and move it to the built-in database. Other improvements include custom reaction on rate changes, extended API, and better animation.

Check out the full overview of new features and download today!