AnyLogic 7.1 Released!

AnyLogic is proud to announce the release of our newest version, AnyLogic 7.1 for Windows, which continues to expand on functionality and simplify the model building process. Version 7.1 boasts various major improvements from GIS implementation and updated Icons, to Java8 and automatic “Agent type” substitution.

What does this mean for you?

GIS Capabilities:

  • The model now has access to all the data stored along with the online-based map (i.e. Open Street Map): cities, regions, road networks, objects (hospitals, schools, bus stops, etc.).
  • You can place agents in specified points on the map, and make them move along existing roads or routes.
  • You can create the required elements inside the model, using the built-in map search or new space markup elements (i.e. GIS Point, GIS Route, and GIS Region).
  • Once downloaded, tiles are cached, enabling users to work in offline mode.

Other Functionality Enhancements:

  • Re-designed block icons (i.e. Process Modeling, Pedestrian, and Rail Library).
  • Ability to define Time, Rate, Speed, Length, Acceleration, and Area units for parameters. For example, you now have the ability to quickly set your agents’ speed at miles or kilometers per hour, choose time units for timeouts in events, transitions, Source blocks, and so on.
  • Updated space markup element Scale, now allows you to quickly define the scale for agent's animation (i.e. the ratio of the agent's animation to its actual size).
  • Transition to Java 8: better API for writing collection-related code.
  • Example models added: Airport with Two Terminals, Corporate Education GIS, Oil Supply Chain, and Product Delivery.

All Windows users with active maintenance can download today, Mac and Linux will be available in the next couple weeks, and if you do not have active maintenance, download a trial or contact us for a quote.

Don’t miss the AnyLogic 7.1 demonstration at the AnyLogic Conference 2014 this November in San Francisco (immediately after INFORMS), given by Andrei Borshchev, CEO and Nikolay Churkov, Head of Development, register today!