AnyLogic 2023 in review

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As the calendar turns its final page in 2023, it's time for us to take a small pause and look back at the year that has been. This year was full of opportunities, achievements, and, of course, challenges. When we look back, we remember not only the difficulties but also all the unforgettable moments and accomplishments that this year has brought us.

From exciting releases to the first face-to-face AnyLogic Conference in three years, join us as we reflect on this year – a truly special one for all of us.


  1. AnyLogic and AnyLogic Cloud releases
  2. The AnyLogic Conference 2023
  3. Blog posts and case studies
  4. Events, webinars, and training courses
  5. Community engagement
  6. Gratidute and wishes

AnyLogic and AnyLogic Cloud releases

This year, we released four AnyLogic updates: three significant ones and a smaller one with some minor fixes.

AnyLogic releases

In AnyLogic 8.8.2, we upgraded the Material Handling Library and GIS maps. This release focused on improving the maneuverability of transporters like AGVs, reducing deadlocks, and improving interactions with racks in warehouse simulations. GIS map handling has also been refined and made more intuitive and efficient with improved tile loading from OpenStreetMap servers.

Rack Queueing
Running a simulation to illustrate rack queueing

Following this, AnyLogic 8.8.4 then introduced two major features: a built-in genetic optimization engine and pedestrian elevators in the Pedestrian Library.

The genetic optimization engine allows for unlimited variables and iterations at no additional cost, as well as the free export of optimization experiments as a standalone application. In addition to that, this release brought us pedestrian elevators in the Pedestrian Library, which added more efficiency and realism to the pedestrian traffic simulations.

In the second half of the year, we released AnyLogic 8.8.5. This version brought significant improvements in managing large-scale projects with improved IDE (integrated development environment) performance.

We've also addressed Java's 64k limit, which now allows for larger-scale modeling. In addition, this release included the ability to export 3D animations for custom library items, which improves the visualization of complex simulations.

Dropping custom library elements on the Canvas in AnyLogic with animation appearing
When custom library elements are dropped on the Canvas, their 3D objects
appear in the upper left corner (by default) and can be dragged to the animation area

AnyLogic Cloud releases

For AnyLogic Cloud, this year was marked by the release of two updates. The first, version 2.3.3, had improved experiment dashboard charts. We added new features such as scatter plots, mean and error bars, and box plots for more insightful data analysis.

Then came AnyLogic Cloud 2.4.0, which introduced two long-awaited experiments – optimization and optimization with replications. Designed to be user-friendly, even in a distributed environment, they are made to improve the accuracy of experimental results even more.

A gif showing how sliders can be changed to adjust the model parameters
Optimal solution of the optimization experiment is played
with animation. Sliders can be used to adjust the model parameters on the fly

The AnyLogic Conference 2023

The AnyLogic Conference 2023, the first in-person conference since 2019, held in September, was definitely the event of the year. It brought together top companies like Amazon, PwC, Migros Online, and many more to share their experiences with simulation modeling in AnyLogic.

It was an opportunity for professionals from various industries to learn about the latest trends and applications in the field. Among the standout moments were Amazon's innovative use of AnyLogic for network flow simulations and PwC's integration of AnyLogic with SAP for factory operations.

Different logos of companies that presented at the AnyLogic Conference 2023 on a white background

The conference also featured two engaging workshops. In the first workshop, participants were able to design and run a model in AnyLogic 9. In the second workshop, Dr. Benjamin Schumann showed how to build flexible and reusable simulation models.

Additionally, our AnyLogic team shared a few updates on the future plans. To learn more, check out two of our presentations from the conference: “AnyLogic 8 – Striving for Better Performance in Demanding Simulations” and “AnyLogic Simulation Ecosystem — New Modeling Capabilities & Optimization Experiment at Scale.”

Photo from the AnyLogic Conference 2023
The AnyLogic Conference 2023 (click to enlarge)

Blog posts and case studies

During this year, we have published a wealth of case studies, academic articles, and blogs.

Blog posts

This year, we had 31 blog posts. We've kept it varied – some get into the technical aspects, and others are more broad topics related, such as one on human resources showing how companies can use simulation to solve labor problems. If you are in the construction sector, take a look at this blog post dedicated to how simulation modeling simplifies construction management.

When it comes to banks and the insurance sector, which are constantly facing new challenges and uncertainties, you should read this blog post. There, you will learn how simulation is revolutionizing the banking and insurance industries.

Finally, for those who are interested in dealing with natural disasters, a massive problem around the world, discover how simulation modeling helps communities prepare for and manage them.

While we can't cover all our blogs here, you can explore them on our blog posts page to find topics of interest.

Pictures from blog posts

Case studies you might find interesting

Case studies give us not only the possibility to see what AnyLogic is used for but also to show you the many ways to apply it. That's why we've prepared 22 case studies this year.

Whether you're into logistics, healthcare, or something completely different, there's a case study that's bound to spark your interest and maybe even inspire your next big project.

5 case studies published this year that you might find interesting:

  1. Domino's used digital twins of their stores to simplify designing new locations and improve labor scheduling. This allowed them to test new layouts and processes virtually before making real-world changes.
  2. Meta used AnyLogic to design their new Hyperscale Data Centers, focusing on optimizing rack receiving. As a result, they identified the precise requirements for an efficient and effective rack delivery workflow.
  3. Modular Mining, under Komatsu, developed a generic mining simulation model with SimWell using AnyLogic to optimize mining operations. The model enabled scenario analysis and operational improvements, including the integration of battery electric trucks.
  4. The Model Group improved their job shop scheduling at the Weinfelden factory through a collaboration with ProSim, using AnyLogic simulation with AI and a genetic algorithm for improved efficiency.
  5. EPIC InnoLabs created a forecasting simulation model for Western Digital and DSV to optimize a logistics center in Thailand using AnyLogic. The model developed was aimed at improving performance under unpredictable loads and diverse product configurations.

There are many more case studies beyond these, from this year and previous years. And get ready for even more case studies from AnyLogic Conference 2023 that will offer varied perspectives on simulation modeling solutions.

Banners from case studies published in 2023
Case studies published in 2023 (click to enlarge)

Whether you just started with AnyLogic or you've been using it for a while, our goal is to provide you with useful, valuable content to make you more familiar with simulation modeling.

Events, webinars, and training courses

At AnyLogic, we're passionate about both learning and teaching. This year, we facilitated a large number of events, webinars, and training courses, each providing insights and tips on simulation modeling. Let's take a quick look back at these exciting learning opportunities and their highlights.

We had three insightful webinars:

  • "Exploring the Utility of ChatGPT as a Java Scripting Aid for AnyLogic Modeling," where we discussed how ChatGPT can assist in writing and refining Java code within AnyLogic.
  • "Troubleshooting 101: A Beginner's Guide to AnyLogic Model Errors," focusing on understanding and fixing common AnyLogic model errors, both compile-time and run-time, using built-in tools.
  • "AnyLogic Cloud for Server-Based Multi-Run Experiments," highlighting how to use AnyLogic Cloud for efficient, large-scale simulation experiments and prescriptive analysis.

We also had the first AnyLogic German User Meeting event organized by our partner SimPlan AG, which gathered professionals and experts to discuss their experiences with AnyLogic.

Photos from German AnyLogic User Meeting
German AnyLogic User Meeting (click to enlarge)

Moreover, we had 34 training courses held by our partners all around the globe. We strongly believe that learning and sharing experiences are key to growth, as every story told and lesson learned is a spark that ignites new possibilities.

Community engagement

At AnyLogic, we want to stay connected, so we are active on many popular platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Telegram, and Medium. Plus, we have a monthly newsletter, which includes our latest blog posts, upcoming events, and the model of the month – something you won't want to miss.

Our social media is all about your engagement. On platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter), it's not just us talking to you, but a space where you can talk to us. There we share updates and news, but your input – your feedback, ideas, and experiences – plays an important role too. So, remember to check out our social media, as we are interested in hearing your thoughts on AnyLogic.

For those who like to be first, our Telegram channel is where we announce new blog posts immediately after they are published. It's quick, easy, and ensures you never miss out on our latest content.

And for our especially active users, we have an AnyLogic Software User group. This is where you can meet other users and experts, ask questions, share your experience, and find solutions to specific problems you may face while working with AnyLogic.

However, if you prefer watching over reading, then YouTube is for you. There, you'll find webinars, how-to videos, and presentations from our conferences. Our webinar exploring ChatGPT's capabilities as a Java scripting tool for simulation modeling got the most views and likes this year. So, make sure to check it out.

Logos of the social medias where you can find AnyLogic

Thank you!

As we close this chapter and step into 2024, we're excited to continue this journey with you. We are truly hoping that next year will be filled with optimism and excitement for what we can achieve together. Thank you for being such an important part of our story at AnyLogic. It was another year of working together, growing together, and creating moments that matter. Happy Holidays!

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