2016 AnyLogic 7 Training Course Schedule

Incredible value, hands on learning!

The AnyLogic 7 Training Course has been a staple for new AnyLogic users whether you’re an academic or commercial customer. Understanding the importance of the course and the benefits modelers have experienced Ilya Grigoryev, Head of Training Services made it his top priority to update the training content ensuring a world class program upon the release of AnyLogic 7, our newest version. Now is the best time to sign up for a course and become familiar with AnyLogic 7 capabilities. The course agenda includes an introduction to multimethod modeling and simulation, both by theory and demonstration getting you familiar with the AnyLogic software model development environment.

During the full three day course you will be led through a number of hands-on exercises building models utilizing all 3 methods of modeling techniques that AnyLogic has been recognized being the industry leader supporting in one development environment. Not only will you simulate a Factory using Discrete Event modeling, you will also learn to model a Bass Diffusion using System Dynamics, a flu outbreak using an Agent Based Model, a Supply Chain network GIS model, you will also create a an airport queuing model with our new updated Pedestrian library and learn the basics of JAVA; and that is just the first two days.

Whether you are a student striving to impress faculty with your upcoming thesis, or a business using AnyLogic to optimize, streamline and run “what if” scenarios, the AnyLogic 7 Training Program is the best place to start. Register for an upcoming training offered in locations around the globe, or contact us for a custom training at a location convenient for you. Don’t miss out on the valuable opportunity for face-to-face training from an AnyLogic instructor, and get the most out of AnyLogic Simulation and Modeling Software.