Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant Uses a Simulation Model of Electric-Furnace Melting Shop

The model simulates the redesigned ground environment and production processes of the shop floor to be renovated. This is the first production simulation modeling project experienced by Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (CHMK), part of the global mining and metal manufacturing company. The shop floor model was created by the simulation software developers at The AnyLogic Company.

The simulation modeling technology can be utilized by mining production companies to find the exact solutions for challenges which previously had only provisional, not foreseeable, results. Experimenting with the simulation model significantly reduced the expenses in the plant modernization process. It also helped to define the production capacity of new equipment in different conditions and for various kinds of steel and production modes.

The electric-furnace melting shop model is represented as a Java application that simulates operations on the shop floor within different time slots (from 12 hours to 12 months). The model includes the new shop environment, equipment of different configurations, and the required options of the production’s processes. The results of the experiments are presented in Excel format reports on production capacity, equipment outage, etc. The simulation model provided the solution which enabled the enterprise to increase the output of high-quality rolled products and rails.

CHMK model.jpg

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