Partial Paradigm Hiding and Reusability in Hybrid Simulation Modeling Using the Frameworks Health-DS and I7-Anyenergy


Many complex real-world problems which are difficult to understand can be solved by discrete or continuous simulation techniques, such as Discrete-Event-Simulation, Agent-Based-Simulation or System Dynamics. In recently published literature, various multilevel and large-scale hybrid simulation examples have been presented that combine different approaches in common environments. Many studies using this technique in interdisciplinary projects have the problem of a different model understanding. In this case, paradigm hiding can help in domain-oriented communication with non-technical experts avoiding unnecessary paradigm discussions. Another problem is that already solved problems are often not reusable in future scenarios and have to be modeled and validated in similar studies from the scratch. This paper presents selected concepts that can help to build domain specific frameworks with reusable components in AnyLogic 7 and depicts two examples; HealthDS for prospective healthcare decision support and i7-AnyEnergy that can be used for building innovative energy scenarios.

Example extract of an inter-module level HealthDS model
Figure 1: Example extract of an inter-module level HealthDS model.

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