Hybrid System Modeling Approach for the Depiction of the Energy Consumption in Production Line Simulation

The sustained use of energy and other resources has become a basic requirement for a company to competitively perform on the market. The design of production line processes therefore requires not only the consideration of logistical and technical production conditions but also the consistent optimization of resource consumption.

Production simulation allows the process-oriented representation of logistics and material flows in production as well as mapping of the individual machine behavior and associated energy consumptions. Modeling different views on a production system in one approach requires the use of hybrid simulation techniques to create a holistic picture.

The three sub-models (Production Flow Brick, Machine Brick and Energy Brick) can be combined to form a holistic production model. The energy consumption is closely linked to the machine behavior. The interaction point clearly consists of the assignment of the corresponding energy load profiles to the machine states. The machine conditions are in turn influenced by the material flow in the production line.

Conceptual structure of the simulation module
Conceptual structure of the simulation module

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