Assessment of the Impact of Teledermatology using Discrete Event Simulation

Evolution of technology and the complexity of the medical system have contributed to the increasing interest in telemedicine. The purpose of this paper is to present a discrete event simulation model of the teledermatology process using the tool TelDerm. The logic of the simulation describes the telemedicine work flow from the detection of the problem to its resolution. The scenarios reflect different changes in the flow in order to quantify the impact of telemedicine on the healthcare system. Several key performance indicators measure medical and administrative workload variations for all human resources involved. In addition, we assess the impact on the patient’s journey through the process.

Telemedicine is a form of remote medical practice using Information and Communication Technology. It connects, among themselves or with a patient, one or more health professionals. At least one medical professional is involved, and if needed a care provider. It uses the transmission by telecommunication of medical information (images, reports, recordings, etc.), in order to obtain a diagnosis, a specialized opinion, a continuous monitoring of a patient, or a therapeutic decision (as defined by World Health Organization).

Source of consultations in dermatological emergenciesas a part of telemedicine work flow

Source of consultations in dermatological emergencies

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