Agent-based Simulation of the Diffusion Dynamics and Concentration of Toxic Materials From Quantum Dots-based Nanoparticles

Quantum Dots applications in medicine and life sciences (i.e. nanomedicine) range from drug delivery to bio-imaging using nanoparticle labels and from tissue repair and replacement to implantable sensors.The risks of toxicity of quantum dots based nanomedicine and photovoltaic cells stem from their potential to cause undesirable health effects, contaminate the environment (air, water, and land), and adversely affect susceptible parts of the population (e.g. workers at nano-manufacturing and healthcare facilities).

The modeling simulation approach is built upon sound methods for modeling fundamental processes that have been verified and validated based on experimental data. The modeling approach adds simplicity of the solubility and rate of release of ions by essentially relegating the chemistry to a single adjustable coefficient.

The frequency distribution of diffusiontrajectory of toxic material release

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