A Discrete Event Simulation Model to Test Multimodal Strategies for a Greener and More Resilient Wood Supply in Austria

The forest based sector in Austria is lacking a comprehensive multimodal concept to improve sustainability, resilience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness along the wood supply chain. Significant new challenges for wood supply management require an integrated framework for modelling and analysis of efficiency and resilience to supply chain risks. Therefore, the need for an integrated framework focusing on risks will be satisfied by a discrete event simulation model to support managers in their decisions and contribute to a better understanding of the multimodal wood supply chain. This wood supply chain simulation model for testing multimodal strategies point`s the way to a greener and more resilient wood supply in Austria.

The simulated supply chain reaches from the forest to the industry and covers wood harvest and truck pre-carriage to wood terminals or industry, storage in a terminal, transshipment to rail wagons and final rail transport to and unloading at woodworking plants. Therefore, the AnyLogic simulation model consists of parameterization, animation, scenario, statistics, logic and code views and modules for forest, truck transport, terminal, train transport and industry. Model parameters can be adapted during runtime and the changes can be observed in the animation window, where trucks and trains transport wood according the transport plan. Simulation results are provided in the management cockpit where KPIs for stock levels over time, CO2 emissions, costs, utilization, lead times, queuing times and service level are presented.

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