AnyLogic Simulates Consumer Choice in Telecommunication Market

AnyLogic Simulates Consumer Choice in Telecommunication Market


Telecommunications providers are seeking to capitalise on the growth potential of broadband internet services in Australia.

The choice of technology roll-out by providers must balance technology roll-out cost, technology limitations of broadband speed decreasing with distance from the source, and consumer’s demand for internet services requiring increasing broadband speeds over time.

Modeling Approach

Evans & Peck and Alcatel Australia jointly developed an agent based consumer choice model which allows scenario analysis on the potential impact to providers over the next 10 years. Critical to the consumer choice behaviour in the model were the geographical aspects of the consumer's location in relation to technology sources (eg. telephone exchange or base station) which ultimately setup a choice matrix of technologies and providers for that particular consumer.

A user interface was created in which a map of the geographical area of a single telephone exchange could be overlaid with both the location characteristics of households (density and consumer type) and of technologies' coverage.

Internet services consumer choice agents

Key features of the modelling tool developed include:

Internet services consumer choice
Model developed and published by Evans & Peck Australia

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