Next gen AI: Agent-based simulation + Reinforcement Learning

Panel discussion lead by Dr. Anand Rao, Partner and Global Artificial Intelligence Lead at PwC.

Combining agent-based simulation with reinforcement learning points to a new era of continuously learning agents. Is this the next generation of AI, beyond deep learning? Panelists from Microsoft, PwC, Skymind and more. Including Q & A. The panelists discuss development, business application, problems and the future of AI with simulation.


  • Cyrill Glockner — Microsoft Project Socrates and AirSim.
  • Ilana Golbin — Responsible AI Analytics Lead , AI Accelerator — PwC.
  • Chris Nicholson — Co-founder and CEO of Skymind.
  • Benjamin Schumann Ph.D — Simulation expert and former McKinsey and Company.
  • Dave Buxton — decisionLab director and DSE founder.

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