Webinar: Managing Business Disruptions Under Uncertainty with Simulation

Date: April 9, 3 — 4 pm UTC (convert to your local time)

Attendance: free

Language: English

Managing Business Disruptions Under Uncertainty – Quantitative Risk and Scenario Analysis with Simulation

Managing business under uncertainty is not easy, especially when you are facing new realities with no relevant historical data for proper forecasting. This makes even the most analytically sophisticated organization prone to unmitigated risks.

However, there is a solution that is built upon causality and the intrinsic rules of systems: simulation. With simulation, you can explore uncharted territories and forecast for novel scenarios, such as large-scale disruptions due to pandemics. In this webinar, we will review the basic ideas behind simulation and how it could be used for forecasting and decision making under uncertainty.

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction: Simulation and its application
  • Tackling business uncertainties with simulation
  • Case studies and example models from manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing, retail, supply chain, epidemiology, customer management, and asset management
  • How the joint capabilities of AI and simulation can help manage business risks
  • Using cloud technologies to run, share, and experiment with your simulations

Webinar Host

Dr. Arash Mahdavi

Dr. Arash Mahdavi is a simulation modeling expert and head of training at The AnyLogic Company in North America. He holds a PhD degree in civil engineering from Purdue University where he applied a system-of-systems approach and agent-based modeling to profitability analysis of construction companies. Dr. Mahdavi has recently authored a simulation textbook titled “The Art of Process-Centric Modeling”. He has trained hundreds of professionals and faculty members from Fortune 100 companies and elite research universities. He is also currently the AnyLogic-AI integration lead.