AnyLogic Indian Training Course


Date and time: August 7–8, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Course location: Bangalore, India

Organizer: Maxrad Software

Instructor: Sergey Suslov (Simulation Software Technical Specialist and Director of International Sales & Marketing, The AnyLogic Company), Gregory Monakhov (AnyLogic Cloud Product Owner, The AnyLogic Company), and Alexey Talanin (Customer Support Engineer, The AnyLogic Company)

Pricing: INR 51,300 + GST 18% per person

Course information

The course will be delivered in English. It will take place over two full days.

At the course, it is recommended to use a laptop computer that can run AnyLogic (system requirements) and a mouse.

Certificates are provided to those completing the course satisfactorily.