Webinar: AnyLogic Rail Library — Case Studies, Library Overview and AI Integration

Date: November 30, 3 — 4 pm UTC (convert to your local time)

Attendance: free

Language: English


Primarily focused on AnyLogic’s Rail Library and how it is supporting National Rail and HS2 in the adoption of autonomous systems, this webinar will also dive into how the Rail Library works and how it can integrate with AI.

Presented by DSE Consulting, AnyLogic simulation experts and UK partners, in partnership with WSP, an international professional services company.

Rail Library features will be demonstrated with a new pocket-guide to the AnyLogic Rail Library and a Pathmind deep-reinforcement-learning model will show how AI can be applied in the rail sector.

The webinar will be conducted live online only and will not be recorded.

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction to AnyLogic software, DSE Consulting, and WSP
  • Developing solutions with AnyLogic’s Rail Library
    • Commercial applications of the AnyLogic rail library, including pure visualization and Depot modeling for analysis and validation. This will address at a high level the use of AnyLogic to produce analytics on Crewe Depot and also the production of pure visualizations for strategic briefing
    • Extended AnyLogic applications including machine learning (Pathmind)
    • Future use cases and how AnyLogic supports existing operational planning expertise
  • AnyLogic’s Rail Library
    • New feature demonstrator (AnyLogic Rail Library pocket guide)
  • Q&A

Webinar Hosts

Aanand Davé

Aanand Davé, managing director at DSE Consulting, leads a team of simulation specialists to deliver training and support for AnyLogic software users in the UK. Not only selling the product license but guiding senior executives interested in simulation and AI to make the most profitable choices for their business. Aanand has a background in design, engineering, and architecture as well as having worked on many simulation models. Concerned with efficiency and sustainability as much as he is with providing a high-quality product, Aanand weaves together ideas around traditional mathematics, creativity, and conscious thought as a trusted leader in the field of simulation.

Kelvin Yeung

Kelvin Yeung is a specialist in AnyLogic simulation software and was the first person to test drive Pathmind, a next-generation deep reinforcement learning tool that turns your AnyLogic simulation model into an AI-enabled support tool for business analysis. Expert at programming in Java and Python, Kelvin works on simulation projects across every industry building personalized demos for DSE Consulting clients, assisting with training, creating simulation models, and helping to develop exciting new AI integrations for the future of simulation.

Guest Presenter

Will Harley

Will Harley, WSP, has 18 years in the transport and engineering sector and has a broad spectrum of interests and experience. He has worked on a number of projects in an analytical capacity, modelling extensively in a variety of environments and building up significant coding and simulation expertise. Will’s key interests are operational modelling, model and process integration and decarbonisation modelling.