AnyLogic 7 Alpha Presented at Simulation Events in the UK

AnyLogic 7 Alpha Presented at Simulation Events in the UK

This September the simulation society in UK enjoyed two meaningful events – OR55 Annual Conference and 8th EUROSIM Congress. The first one is more attended by practitioners and the second one is a more academic event. At both conferences people were very excited about AnyLogic 7, although there were concerns by the move towards a wizard based system and how it might damage the 'power' of AnyLogic. We are keen to assure you that it is a baseless fear! Wizards are aimed to facilitate the learning curve for those who are new to the software. If you do not need Wizard’s assistance, you can easily skip this option and continue creating models via regular interface.

AnyLogic 7 Alpha Version Released

This alpha version is not intended as an official release and will not be distributed publicly. However, AnyLogic users will get an opportunity to get a glimpse of it at any of the upcoming events the AnyLogic Company is going to take part in. For example, the first unofficial presentation will be made at the Agent-Based Modeling Bootcamp for Health Researchers on August 19-24, in Saskatoon, Canada. You are also welcome to reach us at other events to see the alpha version! The final official release of AnyLogic 7 will be available in winter 2013. Stay tuned!

Now you can say "I have an app for that"

AnyLogic developers don't need to envy iOS developers since they can now generate apps - unlimited runtime licenses - as easy as: file/save as. That's right, you can create a fully independent, self-running application on any OS that requires NO activation or registration on the part of your customers or co-workers. They don't need AnyLogic... just the ability to double-click! These apps include all the controls you designed for experiments as well as the ability to read/write data from external sources.

AnyLogic 6.8.1 released

Today we released an AnyLogiс update: version 6.8.1. It includes important improvement in the pedestrian behavior, in particular in interaction of walking and waiting pedestrians in high density areas. Also new release incorporates a wide array of minor bug fixes.

Java, it's actually good for you. Free download.

This week I read a wonderful article on the largest to-date study ever conducted on the health risks and benefits of coffee drinking. To my great relief the study strongly showed that even modest daily amounts of coffee over time dramatically reduces your risks of several diseases such as diabetes. Now, all good modelers know not to confuse correlation and causality and its possible that some other trait common to coffee drinkers is the real benefit. But I haven't had good health news in a while, so let me have this one, ok?