Big Book of AnyLogic has a new chapter

The Big Book of AnyLogic has been recently updated! The chapter "How to build agent based models. Field service example" considers the design process of an agent based model at a very detailed level; from conceptual design to animation and optimization experiments.

Now you can say "I have an app for that"

AnyLogic developers don't need to envy iOS developers since they can now generate apps - unlimited runtime licenses - as easy as: file/save as. That's right, you can create a fully independent, self-running application on any OS that requires NO activation or registration on the part of your customers or co-workers. They don't need AnyLogic... just the ability to double-click! These apps include all the controls you designed for experiments as well as the ability to read/write data from external sources.

AnyLogic 6.8.1 released

Today we released an AnyLogiс update: version 6.8.1. It includes important improvement in the pedestrian behavior, in particular in interaction of walking and waiting pedestrians in high density areas. Also new release incorporates a wide array of minor bug fixes.

Agent based modeling course at MIT

Nathaniel Osgood — an Associate Professor of University of Saskatchewan used AnyLogic to develop an MIT graduate-level course on agent-based modeling for health policy. Anyone involved in healthcare simulation will appreciate and value the variety of materials (screencast, video and audio): lectures, Java for AnyLogic tutorials and assignments.

Three new book chapters

Three new chapters have been added to the Big Book of AnyLogic: The three methods in simulation modeling, Exchanging data with external world, 3D animation. These chapters show a modeler how to differentiate and successfully use the 3 major simulation methods, how to create high quality interactive 3D animations, and how to build data exchange interfaces to the external world.