Simulation Software Video Tour

1 What is AnyLogic?
2Model Development Environment
3D Animation Capabilities

How to add 3D-animation. This video is a step by step tutorial that shows how to add 3D animation to AnyLogic's standard example "Exposure to Radiation".

5 Creating a Discrete Event (Process) model 6 Creating a System Dynamics model
Creating an Agent Based simulation model 8
Creating a Pedestrian Dynamics model
9 Example: Manufacturing Simulation 3D Model. This model of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) factory shows the process of concrete production step by step - from raw materials to pallets of concrete blocks. 10Example: Supply chain simulation. This video shows the US-wide supply chain which consists of part suppliers, producers, distributors and retailers. The stationary (s,S) inventory policy applies throughout the whole supply chain. You can change both the order point and the order up to level of any object.
Example: Agricultural Logistics Simulation Model. This video demonstrates a simulation model of a harvesting process illustrating the logistical dynamics associated with harvesting crops. 12
Example: Healthcare Model. This video presents a simulation model of an emergency department's processes and operations. It is a Discrete Event model with 3D-animation built with the AnyLogic Enterprise Library.
13 Example: Railway Station 3D. This video shows a simulation model of a railway station that captures the movement of passengers and trains in a very detailed way. 14Example: Military Air Defense 3D Model. This video shows a simulation model of an air defense system protecting a number of assets being attacked by enemy aircrafts.
Example: Passenger Flow Simulation in an Airport. 16 Example: Simulation of Cherkizovo Transport Hub (railway/subway). The model created by ITS Consulting for Moscow Ring Railway simulates pedestrian flows in a transport hub.