Transportation Simulation

Transportation and fleet management includes many different aspects: transportation acquisition, transportation planning, routine maintenance planning, fleet maintenance and scheduling, and risk management as well as human resources management. AnyLogic helps users to deal with any these complicated issues, including the most challenging task - transportation management. Simulation modeling will allow you to maximize the transportation load, minimize your costs, and also calculate the probability of traffic costs overrun. You will be able to “play” various schemes of transportation and fleet management, which will allow you to reveal and prevent potential problems.

Decision support in transportation logistics is one of primary areas of AnyLogic usage. Typical tasks are:

  • strategic and tactical logistics plan definition, feasibility and costs evaluation.
  • operational transportation and fleet control based on the real-time data monitoring, accumulated statistics and simulation-based forecasts.
  • optimal fleet management: planning of maintenance, purchases, renting or leasing of trucks, rail cars, ships, airplanes.
  • risk assessment and risk management in transportation logistics

We also offer anyLogistix, a specialized solution for supply chain and transportation optimization.

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