Singapore Seminar: AnyLogic – Simulation Platform
for the Entire Business Lifecycle

Event information

Date and time: September 8, 2017, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

City: Singapore

Venue: “Evans” conference room, Kent Ridge Guild House (2nd level), 9 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore, 11924 (map)

Price: free of charge


  • Sergey Suslov, Director of Sales; The AnyLogic Company
  • Pavel Lebedev, Head of Customer Support; The AnyLogic Company
  • Peter Bodon; Simulation Analytics
  • Scott Albin; PwC

Seminar agenda

  • Introduction into simulation (Sergey Suslov)
  • When to use simulation, and two of its key differences with Predictive Analytics (Peter Bodon)
  • AnyLogic simulation platform (Sergey Suslov)
  • Business cases using AnyLogic (Scott Albin, Peter Bodon, Sergey Suslov, Pavel Lebedev):
  • – Logistics: transportation, warehousing
    – Manufacturing
    – Business Processes
    – Pedestrian flows in airports, stations, shopping malls
    – Road traffic
  • Live model building: we will build a model from scratch describing the process on screen (Pavel Lebedev)
  • AnyLogic Cloud – a web service for online simulation analytics (Pavel Lebedev)
  • anyLogistix – software for supply chain optimization, network design, and analysis (Sergey Suslov)