Marketing Simulation

In order to choose the most efficient marketing and sales strategy, company specialists have to analyze a great amount of factors in order to be successful. For example, demographics, income and unemployment levels, distinctive product features, actions of competitors, modern technologies development trends, market and customer demands, production capacities, market segmentation, and national characters of potential customers. Most of these factors have to be considered dynamically because they change in time.

Consequently, the task becomes virtually unsolvable using standard analytical methods. Simulation modeling comes to the rescue because it is able to describe processes “as they are”, and follow situation evolution depending on the various system parameters. With simulation modeling, it is possible to predict market changes for a necessary period of time.

Agent Based Modeling (sometimes combined with System Dynamics) is currently the most efficient approach to modeling consumer behavior as well as the behavior of competing companies pursuing independent strategies. AnyLogic allows you to graphically capture the key states, transitions and interactions of individual consumers, populate the model with real numbers of agents-consumers (perhaps using your CRM data), and simulate the dynamics of the market.

Typical tasks in area of market analysis and forecasting:

  • consumer behavior
  • brand loyalty, product switching, and competitor behavior
  • promotion response
  • competitor behavior
  • new product introduction

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