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AnyLogic Conference 2016

November 16th and 17th Nashville, TN, USA

The fifth annual AnyLogic Conference will continue to prove the power of collaboration, not only with the AnyLogic team, but other experienced model developers. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how AnyLogic is being applied across multiple industries, experience innovative ideas and expand your vision of AnyLogic software.

The program is built with the most innovative AnyLogic users from industry-leading organizations. Stay tuned as we continue to update the program.

Conference Testimonials

It’s great to attend the AnyLogic Conference because you can see how the tool is being applied across multiple industries, get to exchange ideas with people, see how other people are solving the same problems and see what the best approach is.

Artem Parakhine


The AnyLogic Conference is a great place to learn more about the product and to receive firsthand information from the AnyLogic developers, as well as practitioners with a huge amount of experience.

Arnd Schirmann

Airbus Group Innovations

The AnyLogic Conference is a great place for us to collaborate, share ideas, get new ideas, test new concepts. We have been able to have interesting conversations with Andrei Borshchev, The AnyLogic Company CEO, so we know where the software is going, and for us that is huge, because so much of what we do is based on future developments.

Allan Chegus, President,

Stream Systems Ltd.

The AnyLogic Conference was helpful to learn about simulation and help us understand how to solve many problems.

Rolanzo Samorano


The value I find in attending the AnyLogic Conference, was the multitude of different research and projects that are going on with AnyLogic, It really opened my eyes to some new ideas that we can implement with AnyLogic that we might not have thought of before.

Beth Tyrie

Fruit of the Loom

The value I found in attending the AnyLogic Conference was learning from all the different mistakes and productive ways people have used AnyLogic, it was a great way to expand my vision for the software.

Kyle Johnson