Business Process Simulation

A manager who needs to solve a particular business problem or improve a business process, can experiment with different solutions in the real world. For example, they can try to set up optimal document circulation, purchase modern expensive equipment, and so on. This process may take a lot of time, effort and resources, and may lead to worker burnout (“Not another new change!”). It’s just too costly in a modern business, to experiment on a real business system. Besides, many of these changes may counteract each other and be sub-optimal across the enterprise. Simulation modeling offers a solution.

Using simulation models, you can test ideas and their combinations, or seek optimal parameter levels for different scenarios. And you can do it all without great expense, without angering the workforce, and without disrupting operations.

The simulation approach allows you to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the business processes already existing in the company, to work out an improvement plan addressing discovered problems, to improve existing business processes, and to develop entirely new business processes based on simulation experiments.

Customers just like you are using AnyLogic for:

  • operations analysis and efficiency evaluation
  • bottleneck identification and removal
  • business processes optimization and improvement
  • increasing throughput while cutting costs

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