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AnyLogic software allows you to build simulation models that capture the complexity of virtually any business-related system, at any level of detail, and gain a deeper insight into interdependent processes inside and around an organization. The flexibility and efficiency of AnyLogic is trusted by industry leaders and utilized world-wide in over 40% of Fortune 100 companies.

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AnyLogic Cloud

access, run, and share simulation models online

AnyLogic Cloud is a web service that allows you to run models online on any device, including phones and tablets, and share the models with other users. AnyLogic Cloud is a powerful tool to perform online simulation analytics with a wide range of model experiments and custom web dashboards.

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why simulation?

  • Value

    Simulation can offer a dramatic return on investment. One of our clients had their model paid off in just days after the model-based decision had been made.
  • Time

    A simulation model will inform your thinking in only minutes compared to long real-world experiments.
  • Repeatability

    You can use a simulation model for multiple experiments to test assumptions and check what-if scenarios.
  • Accuracy

    Unlike traditional analytical modeling methods, simulation allows you to describe the structure of the modeled system and the processes inside in a natural way.
  • Visibility

    A simulation model enables the visualization of the system over time: animations illustrate the system in operation and the metrics change as the model runs.
  • Versatility

    Simulation allows you to solve business challenges in any area: manufacturing, logistics, finance, healthcare, and many others.
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why AnyLogic?

Multimethod simulation software

multimethod simulation modeling

Develop models using all three modern simulation methods:

  • Discrete Event
  • Agent-Based
  • System Dynamics

The three methods can be used in any combination, with one software, to simulate business systems of any complexity. In AnyLogic, you can use various visual modeling languages: process flowcharts, statecharts, action charts, and stock & flow diagrams.

AnyLogic was the first tool to introduce multimethod simulation modeling, and still remains the only software that has that capability.

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Simulation model animation

animation and visualization

  • Convert flowcharts into interactive movies with spectacular 3D and 2D graphics.
  • Present your models to stakeholders in a visually attractive and self-explanatory way.
  • Use the extensive set of graphical objects to visualize vehicles, staff, equipment, buildings, and other items and processes related to your business.
  • Import custom 3D models, images, CAD drawings, and shape files into your simulations.
  • Make your models interactive by adding intuitive navigation and controls.
  • Turn your simulations into comprehensive management dashboards.
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Simulation in different industries

industry-specific libraries

  • Process Modeling Library for generic business processes or workflows.
  • Fluid Library to simulate bulk cargo and liquid transfer in industries like mining or oil & gas.
  • Rail Library for rail transportation, terminals, and yards.
  • Pedestrian Library for pedestrian flows in airports, stadiums, stations, or shopping malls.
  • Road Traffic Library for car, truck, and bus movement on roads, parking lots, and factory sites.
  • Material Handling Library (coming this year) for manufacturing and warehouse processes.
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Simulation on a GIS map

GIS maps integration

  • AnyLogic provides the unique ability to use GIS maps within your simulation models.
  • Maps can be applied to model systems like supply chains, logistics networks, and other cases when you need to take into account locations, roads, routes, or regions.
  • Built-in search in the style of Google Maps allows you to easily locate cities, streets, roads, hospitals, shops, and bus stops by using the map data. The search works both when you design the model and when the model is running.
  • Model elements can be placed on the map and moved along existing roads and routes based on real spatial data.
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Simulation analytics in the cloud

simulation in the cloud

AnyLogic is the only simulation tool to offer full range of cloud technologies, changing the way people run models.

  • Use any device to run your model, including phones and tablets.
  • Provide online simulation analytics to your clients with web dashboards.
  • Leverage high-performance cloud computing for complex experiments.
  • Deliver models privately to your clients using secure web repository.
  • Share simulations publicly with the community and collaborate in the cloud.
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